Telangana 10th results have been released yesterday. With no kind of “AWW” the pass percentage of 10 th results is 100%.

The 10 th results of academic year 2020-2021 have been released by our Educational Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy .

The government has told that the results have been given according to formative assesmemt marks conducted by their respective schools & the results shows 100% pass percentage.

The results shows that 2,10,647 out of 5,21,073 students have secured 10 GPA.

This is the year ,that all the Telangana 10th Results Are Announced the students getting passed even without knowing their hall ticket numbers.

This batch becomes the 2nd COVID, Telangana 10th Results, to be promoted without writing exams.

Covid Made lives miserable, which made us to rethink about our lives and even our studies.

Telangana government took a great decision of not conducting exams ,as the 2 nd wave is being very dangerous. This 2 nd wave took many lives
And made many people jobless. During this hard pandemic situation not conducting exams & and not putting children’s life into danger is the great step took by Telangana government .

By seeing the results, the students of Telangana have been completely delighted and very much happy. Almost half of the students have secured 10 GPA and most of the students have secured GPA above 9.

The time when Covid cases have being increasing day by day, students thinking about exams, without proper preparation and no proper guidance ,as they could not attend the classes properly affected them very much, but the decision by cheif minister and whole Telangana government made students setteled and very happy.

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This pandemic situation has created tough times to each and every one ,and this made us to count our days ,staying home and staying safe by taking all the precautions ,makes us fight against this and by not conducting exams also this made the students stay healthy.

The results which were released yesterday, brought aa huge smile on each and every student and even their parents during this tough times and gave a relief to all the students and their family members.

This pandemic made us pass through many different situations which we didn’t even think of that would happen like promoting the students without conducting the exams and mainly class students as this is also considered one of the mile stone in one student’s life.

The academic year 2019-2020 students are the first batch to get promoted 10 th class without writing exams and the last years result were also surprisingly with 85% pass percentage and now this is a kind of a record of having aa 100% pass percentage for the academic year 2020-2021.

The Telangana 10th students of the batches 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 will be the luckiest ever by being promoted without writing exams.

This decision of government was took to protect the children from the harmful and dreadful corona virus which created a great impact on the students study life.

The government meant that life is more important than studies of the children and took the decision of not conducting exams and providing the results by considering the internal assessment marks which were held by the students respective schools.

According to the performance of the students in the formative exams the results were given and the results were surprisingly with complete pass percentage and with half of the students securing 10 GPA.

The same has been in the past year , that was the starting of the the corona cases which had a huge impact on each and every one and the government took the decision that not to conduct exams and they gave the results.

From then the cases have been increasing day by day and there was no stop . As the days were passing the cases increased severely , but after a long time , nearly after 9-10 months the cases decreased and everything was likely to become normal and all the schools and all educational institutes were reopened really after a long gap.

Just within 2-3 months as everything was normal , then hits the second wave which created a huge disturbance than before, the cases have been increased enormously and the effect was severe when compared to the past situation.

This corona led to many other diseases and Made everyone to think twice to step out of their homes during this time the government by considering all the surrounding situations took the decision not to conduct exams offline and to provide the results by considering their previous exams and academics.

This kind of results is seen due to this pandemic situation and the decisions took by our government to protect lives of the students form the corona virus and the situations around us.

Life has become entirely different and the study pattern and the results everything have been changed due to this pandemic caused by this corona virus.

The reflection of this results is due to the situation created around us by this dreadful virus corona.

10th Students 100% Pass Percentage

The 100% pass percentage is a kind of a history that has been created due to this pandemic situation.

This pandemic has made our routine to change completely justing staying home with lots and lots of precautions by sanitising , wearing mask and many more precautions.

By considering all the situations , the government of Telangana took the decision not to conduct exams.

Now a days corona cases has increased a lot and this lead to many deaths and made everyone to stick to their homes and eventually one are leading their lives with loadzz of problems .

The effect of corona made us to change our way of living , our life style, our circadian rhythms & each and every thing.

The corona made aa very huge effect on studies of students of whole Telangana and even on the whole INDIA. This created aa very huge impact on studies and through this there would be a great effect on the upcoming future.

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