What is Charitism?

Charitism is a 100 % Transparent Organisation similar to ecommerce in that you can sponsor needs directly as goods, which we will deliver to the beneficiary or the NGOs, each product is labeled with its sponsor’s name and donors get a unique picture to there provide phone number.

We Ensure 100% Transparency With Your Contribution

Charitism Photographic Proof
                               Photographic Proof
Charisma Sponsor's Name
                                   Sponsor’s Name

How To Donate At Charitism 

  • Open Charitism Website – Link
  • Scroll Down And Select anyone (Food Packet, meal or other)
  • After selecting, Adjust how many units you want to donate
  • Enter all your details – Full Name, Email, What’s App Number and few requirements
  • Tap on Donate and complete the payment
  • Donated food unit images will be sent to What’s App

About Charitism

Charitism is one of its kind platform which brings in a new layer of trust and transparency in the donations made to charities by delivering products directly to them instead of giving money.


                          100% TRANSPARENCY

Their primary goal is to help the needy with the basic requirements. Through this Fundraiser, we aim to raise funds to sponsor meals for poor, homeless, destitutes and needy patients at public hospitals who have been hit by the Global Pandemic,

In today’s technology age, where a person can check the fare of his cab and track his lunch delivery using apps like uber and swiggy, it’s only natural for him to want to know how his donations are spent.

We discovered that one of the main reasons individuals are hesitant to donate is that they don’t trust nonprofits because of the fraud and scam stigma that has been associated to their image as a result of prior occurrences of corruption.

According to CAF surveys, 36% of participants answered that “Knowing for sure how their money will be used is the top factor that will make People inclined to donate more to charity in the coming 12 months.”

Sudhanshu Sharma founded Charitism.com in 2019 with the to provide donors with 100% transparency in the use of their charitable contributions to non-profit organisations.

We believe that a donor should be able to see how his donations make a difference in someone’s life, so we provide photographic evidence of every donation that is labelled with the donor’s name and given to the intended beneficiary.

Charitism Volunteer Program

They as started Virtual Volunteer Opportunity to create an impact, learn crowdfunding and support a social cause.


  • 2-Week Duration
  • Part-Time Role
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Work From Home
  • Course in Crowdfunding
  • Social Media Shoutout & Linkedin Recommendation

Click Here To Join As Volunteer 

Charitism volunteer program
                     Charitism Volunteer Program


With the support of 60,000+ contributors, we have funded INR 2 crore+ in relief material and impacted 5 lacs+ lives by delivering 4.5 lac cooked food meals, 5000 dry ration kits, 2000 blankets, and feeding 17500 stray animals with the help of 10+ NGOs.

Our donors love us for bringing them a safe and secure way to donate, which drives our tiny team of ten youngsters to work tirelessly. Sudhanshu Sharma, who was in his final semester of engineering at the time, started Charitism as a start-up in 2019.

Later, the start-up was incubated by the Rajasthan government and received seed capital from angel investors in the NCR. Charitism is presently preparing for series A funding in order to scale the company and assist NGOs and donors around the world.
After successfully combating corruption in the distribution of relief material, our next goal is to promote transparency in larger initiatives such as operations of schools and shelter homes.

Here’s the link https://www.charitism.com/ just click and let’s put a smile on someone’s face by a small gesture. Trust me, it puts a smile on your face as well and it feels good when you see the pictures which are sent by them.

So, let’s all join hands and contribute.

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