The most loved hero, the rowdy Vijay Devarakonda, has a widespread fanbase. Many people from different states love him. He became an icon and a huge inspiration to many people all over India, mainly for the youth. He has become one of the talented stars of South India.

Vijay Deverakonda Kerala fans united together and formed an association called ALL KERALA VIJAY DEVARAKONDA FANS AND WELFARE ASSOCIATION (AKVDFWA).

All Kerala Vijay Deverakonda Fans And Welfare Association celebrated Vijay’s birthday month(MAY). This association was started in 2017, and it got registered in 2018. Since AKVDFWA was formed, they created many charitable things despite celebrating Vijay Devarakonda’s victories.

Vijay Devarakonda made his base in Kerala by his dubbing movies. Vijay’s movies like Dear comrade and world-famous lover were dubbed in Malayalam and are released. The films had special fan shows, and they got a great response.

The All Kerala Vijay Devarakonda Fans(AKVDFWA) has more than 3000 people from different districts of Kerala. From the day when the association was established, they started serving the people in all possible ways by the name of Vijay Devarakonda’s fans. This shows how they love Vijay.Vijay Devarakonda proved himself through his marvellous acting. Many people became huge fans of his drama, style, behaviour and the way he carries.

When Floods hit Kerala, people from this association helped all the needy by providing them food and clothing.

All the Kerala people started treating Vijay as their adopted son, and he was loved and hailed and started helping the needy people by his name.

They started helping the needy people by providing rice, clothes and all the needs and many more. They also distributed books to many children for their studies.

This Kerala fan’s helping people by providing all the basic requirements to the extent they could do.

They also have a blood bank as a part of their association, and they will provide the blood whenever there is a requirement. This is one of the significant steps took by this association to help the people who require blood.

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During the COVID situation, they all concentrated away more on the welfare programs and charities.

On behalf of Vijay Devarakonda’s birthday, they started doing welfare programmes mainly during Vijay Devarakonda’s birthday month. That is on every Sunday of May month. They made May as welfare month. They also specify that “CHARITY IS OUR MAIN AIM”.

They scheduled the charity work from the 2nd – 30th of May. All Kerala Vijay Devarakonda Fans prepared the job for five Sundays of May month

First Sunday, That Is On May 2nd,

They started with the slogan GREEN INDIA-CLEAN INDIA. This includes the plantation of saplings in nearby areas by AKVDFWA Girl Fans of all the districts of Kerala.

Second Sunday, On 9th May On Vijay Deverakonda’s Birthday, They Did Substantial Charitable Work.

  1. Food donation for the needy people by all the district committees.
  2. Gifting a Golden ring to the chosen Newborns born on that day in GMC Hospital THRISSUR.
  3. BLOOD Donation camp conducted by Mallapuram DC.
  4. Food and the basic requirements were donated at streepoorna threyesa vridhasadanam and charitable trust puthiyakav po thriponithra, Ernakulum.

They did a very huge and great work on Vijay Deverakonda’s birthday

on the third Sunday, May 16th

Mask donation to all the health workers of different sections of the society in all the districts of Kerala.

Online skill-based career programming (ERNAKULAM DC)

During this time, this is a great initiative taken by the people of this association.

on the fourth Sunday, That is on May 23rd,

Providing Mobile phones to the students for online classes who cannot afford them (ATTOR UNIT, THRISSUR).

They are providing water bottles and all the essentials to police and health workers to all districts by all the district committees.

on fifth Sunday, That is on May 30th,

On the last Sunday of the welfare month,

EYE DONATION-30 members signed for eye donation after their demise under the assistance of GMC hospital, THRISSUR.

A drawing competition was conducted, and the winner was announced through social media, and the reward was distributed. (ERNAKULUM DC).

All these were held and were completed successfully.

All the people of this association took a very significant response and helped people of different categories to all the extent.

This is a very significant initiative taken by all the Vijay Deverakonda fans of Kerala. This shows how much Vijay Devarakonda is loved.

We can see that the association was not just formed to show their love towards Vijay Devarakonda’s movies and works. Still, they took many significant initiatives to help the different people of the society of all the districts of Kerala.

Serving people and doing all the charitable things is a significant step taken by this ALL

Vijay Deverakonda Kerala Fans And Welfare Association.

The way they covered all the people of the society is a great thing. They provided books for the children, which is an essential thing for all the children for their studies.

  • They provided food, clothes, mainly rice to the poverty people who are unable to afford it.
  • Provided masks to all the Heath workers and also requirements for health-related works.
  • Providing mobile phones during this corona time is an excellent step as online classes were going on, and most of the needy are not able to afford mobile phones.
  • Career programming is an excellent step as this helps many students to reach their goals.

Planting the saplings is also a great idea. This leads to a greener district which leads to a greener country.

last year also they have celebrated Vijay Deverakonda’s birthday with this kind of Welfare activities and actor Vijay Deverakonda noticed there welfare activities and appreciated them by sending a thanking voice message to them.

Well Done, All The Kerala Vijay Devarakonda Fans(AKVDFWA). You have grandly celebration Vijay Deverakonda 2021 Birthday. 

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