Reliance Jio has announced a new emergency data loan facility for users. Jio users can now get instant data on loan

Jio customers can get up to 5GB of high-speed data(Jio Emergency Data Loan) access for which they can pay at a later stage

Jio users now have the facility to get instant high-speed data on loan and pay for it later. Called Emergency Data Loan, the latest offering by the Mumbai-based telecom operator is aimed to allow its prepaid subscribers to get up to five data loan packs of 1GB each — 5GB in total.

The subscribers will be able to pay for the added data at a later stage. The new facility will help users who have exhausted their existing data allocation and are not able to purchase a data top-up for their accounts(Jio Emergency Data Loan)

Each emergency data loan pack that carries 1GB of high-speed data access is valued at Rs. 11 and is valid until the validity of the base plan, which means you can continue to use the additional data until the completion of your base plan’s validity. It is also important to note the emergency data loan facility can only be availed if you have an active base plan in place. how to jio emergency data loan check below

How to avail emergency data loan on Jio:

  1. Open MyJio and go to the menu from the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select Emergency Data Loan under Mobile.
  3. Tap Proceed under the emergency data loan banner.
  4. Select Get emergency data option.
  5. Tap Activate now.
Jio Emergency Data Loan Facility Launched, Offers Up to 5GB of High-Speed Internet Access on Pay-Later Basis
Jio Emergency Data Loan

From Reliance Jio data loan, 3GB/day plan to Airtel combo pack, new offers launched last week

Reliance Jio launched two major data plans last week and Airtel revealed an all-new Airtel Black plan which incorporates benefits from its different platforms. The largest telecom carriers have enhanced choices for the user with the help of these new offers.

Here we highlight the offers listed by Reliance and Airtel

Airtel Black

Bharti Airtel has announced a bundle of services to provide users a complete ecosystem of data. Under this new combo, Airtel is offering Fiber, DTH and Mobile plans under a single plan.

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Here are some of the plans offered under Airtel Black bundle

All in one for 2099/Month

  • 3 Mobile connection
  • 1 Fiber connection
  • 1 DTH connection

Fiber + Mobile for 1598/Month

  • 2 Mobile connection
  • 1 Fiber connection

DTH + MOBILE for 1349/Month

  • 3 Mobile connection
  • 1 DTH connection

DTH + MOBILE for 998/Month

  • 2 Mobile connection
  • 1 DTH connection

Airtel also offers customisation of plans

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let’s again see how to get Jio emergency data loan

How to avail jio emergency data loan facility

Step 1: Open the MyJio app on your smartphone and go to ‘Menu,’ which is on the top left of the page.

Step 2: Select ‘Emergency Data Loan’ under mobile services and Click ‘Proceed’ on the emergency data loan banner.

Step 3: Select the ‘Get emergency data’ option.

Step 4: Click ‘Activate now’ to get the emergency loan benefit.

Step 5: Emergency data loan benefit is activated.

Jio offers a host of prepaid data plans. Users should be aware that when an upcoming plan is activated, the new plan is activated along with the current plan immediately

Good news for Jio users though, the company has launched a new facility that lets its prepaid customers avail some extra data that can be paid for at a later stage. These plans come in packs ranging from 1GB to 5GB(Jio Emergency Data Loan)

The 1GB pack is valued at Rs 11 and can be availed till the expiry of your base plan. The important thing to note is that you need a prepaid base plan active in order for this to work.

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