Great news, which may make 12th class CBSE students happier

During this pandemic situation, students are entirely stuck in between their lives and Exams. Everyone is just worried about their Exams and about how to attend their exams.
As we all can see, the situation is worse in the whole India. But students are in a state of confusion, Like how to prepare for exams and how to attend those and when. Most of the students are unable to focus on their studies through online classes.
During this situation, Government’s decision plays a crucial role. lakhs of students all over India are eagerly waiting to know the judgment of
Government whether to conduct the exams or not.
The CBSE 12th standard students are in complete confusion about when the exams are going to be conducted as they are postponed since March.
The students of the 12th CBSE board approached the judiciary for the cancellation of exams.
The students are tweeting about the cancellation of exams on Twitter.
The 12th students of the CBSE Board are in a complete state of confusion that their exams are going to be cancelled or not.
CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations) asked the CBSE Schools to send the Marks list of class 11 of all the class 12 students. By seeing this, all felt that the exams would be cancelled.
An important meeting was held between the educational ministers, the higher officials of the states and then with the Chief Ministers of the particular states and secretaries on May 23rd, headed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.
After this meeting was held, they took important decisions about the exams, whether to conduct the exams or not to conduct, if they wanted to run, how to run the exam by taking precautions.
Students’ and parents’ willingness should be considered, and it is to be regarded as one of the essential things.

Two Proposals named A and B

The CBSE Board released two proposals named “A” and “B”. The proposal “A” specifies that to conduct the exams of all critical subjects in a single phrase from August 1st to August 20 at particular notified centres.
Proposal “B” specifies that the exam pattern should be changed to objective type, which can be completed in a shorter period, but in “two phases” in all the essential subjects at their schools. The two phases are held between July 15th and August 26th.
All the chief persons of the state and the educational heads were told to give their suggestions to the government by May 25th. If they could find any helpful tips, they could implement those.


As most of the states are under lockdown, the decision to conduct the exams for the class 12th of the CBSE Board may not be a good idea to be taken into consideration.
The decision will be finalised by June 1st; the decision may be anything they may conduct or may not.
  • In a recent document, CISCE told all the CBSE schools to collect class 11 marks and the average of all the internal assessment marks of class 12. By seeing this, we all can expect the cancellation of the exams of class 12 CBSE BOARD.
  • But we cannot wholly expect that the exams will be cancelled. Even if the government thinks to conduct the exam, the pattern may be changed, and it may be in the objective form, and the duration may also be decreased. So, all the 12th CBSE students can expect good news soon.
All the 12th class CBSE students will come to known the decision took by the government by the day after tomorrow, that is, June 1st.

The main reason why the government is thinking this much to promote the class 12 students is that, as this is one of the crucial parts of one’s study life as this result provides students to move to higher education.

So, they feel that these 12th CBSE board exams will play an essential role in students life as this result will decide their important upcoming future.

By considering all these things and the student’s life, the government is taking much time to decide what to do, whether to conduct it or not. But this may come to an end by June 1st, as the government said that there would clear note on the 12th class CBSE exams on the 1st of June.
The Educational Minister says that we completed conducting Many National entrance exams like NEET & JEE even during the pandemic, so we can also perform the exams even now during this pandemic time and make them successful.
The Supreme Court will hear the judgement by tomorrow that is 31st of May, about the 12th class CBSE exams to be held.

Students Using Twitter Requesting To Cancel Exams

The 12th class CBSE students are creating a trend in the Twitter for cancellation of Exams. This is making a huge impact, and all the students are just telling to cancel the exams but not to conduct in any way. The students say that this a huge risk conducting exams in this pandemic situation which is worse compared to last years situation.
Most educational heads think that conducting an exam is the best thing, but the format should be objective. It should take a short period, but some of the educational heads also recommended the cancellation of exams.
By seeing the Twitter trend, we can come to know that the students are not at all interested in writing the exams during this pandemic situation.
The majority of states are in support of the decision of conducting the exams but with the objective pattern, while some are against conducting the exams and are in aid to the students for cancellation of exams and promoting them.
As the CBSE board cancelled the class 10th exams, the class 12 students also expected the same from the central. Still, they are saying that Class 12 is the crucial step in everyone’s career, and it should be considered the most critical exam as this decides the student’s career.
But students say that they can’t give the exams during this situation as this is a considerable risk passing exams this time.
As the CISCE told all the schools to collect the marks of 11th class and also 9th class and 10th class and also the average of the internal assessments conducted by the schools.
All the class 12 CBSE students can expect a piece of better news from the Supreme Court about their exams.

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